Why Being Under God’s Control is the Best Thing that Could Have Ever Happened to Us

30 Nov

Quote from The Doctrine of the God by John Frame. 

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Scripture is… not nearly as concerned as we are to promote our self-esteem. We would like to believe that the meaning and significance of our lives depend on what we do for ourselves, without any outside influences or constraints.

In Scripture, however, the goal of human life is to glorify God. Our dignity is to be found not in what we do, but in what God has done for us and in us.

Our meaning and significance are to be found in the fact that God has created us in his image and redeemed us by the blood of his Son. The biblical writers, therefore, are not horrified, as modern writers tend to be, by the thought that we may be under the control of another.

If the other is God, and he has made us for his glory, then we could not possibly ask for a more meaningful existence (p. 125).


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