What Do We Need to Fight Porn-Addiction?

12 Nov

I came across this post not too long ago on the DG blog. Though the post was primarily designed (I think) to commend the accountability tool, Covenant Eyes, the following video in which John Piper, Tim Keller, and D.A. Carson discuss how to fight pornography addiction in a Gospel-centered way caught my attention more powerfully for all the wisdom that was packed into it:

The following are a few of the things that Tim Keller and D.A. Carson say are necessary to fight pornography:

1. Both a Repugnance to Pornography And Affirmation of God’s Love in Christ. Tim Keller insists that it’s not enough just to remind people struggling with porn-addiction that pornography is repugnant to God (which it is). Nor is it enough just to tell people struggling with porn-addiction that God loves them no matter what because of Jesus (which He does). Both realities are necessary to avoid cheap grace on one side; and legalism on the other.

2. Gospel-centered Accountability in the Context of Community. Then, D.A. Carson adds to what Tim Keller said by emphasizing the importance of other brothers and sisters in the fight against porn-addiction to the end that pornography will grow more and more repugnant to them. This is done not only through the “cold-turkey” method, but also by reminding the brother (or sister) of the horrors of pornography – namely, that that was what caused Christ to endure that horrific death on the cross.

Click here to read the entire post (which includes other helpful articles and tools by DG on the issue).


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