Leaders Deposit and Withdraw

11 Nov

I came across this blogpost by Zach Nielson a while back and have found that it’s been challenging me a lot lately – not only on how I used to lead while at GFC, but how I lead now with Linda.

Nielson uses the metaphor of banking deposits and withdrawals to show the importance of encouraging and confronting (in love). Here’s a quick excerpt:

The concept of withdrawals and deposits has been helpful for me when it comes to leading people well. Here is the gist: You will inevitably have tough conversations with those under your care—you know, those conversations that start, “Hey Mike, can we chat about something?”

You both know that you are about to take a relational withdrawal from him in the form of a suggestion for how Mike needs to grow, change, repent, or whatever. But following the bank analogy: Is there money in the bank from which to draw? Or is your relational/leadership check going to bounce?

Money is deposited into the bank via encouragement. If there is no consistent deposit into the bank of Mike’s life, he is going to burn out quickly, grow to hate you, or simply leave the relationship without warning.

Click here to read the rest of the article where he gives three practical ways to grow as an encourager.


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