How the Word Relates to Assurance and Sanctification

30 Sep

Quote from The Doctrine of the Word of God by John Frame

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It is God himself who enables us to accept his Word as our foundation, our presupposition.

To say this is not to deny that Scripture presents problems to us. Often, it is not easy to know what Scripture is saying, or to answer the objections that arise in our hearts. So there is much in the Bible of which we do not have assurance, even when we seek to trust God’s Word as our presupposition.

But, the Christian life is a journey, a movement from faith to more faith (with, to be sure, ups and downs along the way). This is a journey both toward better understanding and toward overcoming our unbelief (Mark 9:24). The latter process (overcoming our unbelief) is called sanctification. The former process (understanding) is also related to sanctification: our understanding is related to our level of trust and obedience. But our lack of understanding is also related to our finitude, our inability to resolve all the questions that the phenomena of Scripture pose to us.


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