How to Motivate Your People to Obedience

21 Sep

In this post, Kevin DeYoung compares and contrasts two ways of preaching the imperatives found in the Bible. As an example, he posted up snippets of sermons preached by William Law (1686-1781) and Thomas Goodwin (1600-1680), in which they both taught their people of the importance of praying in the morning.

In the end, Kevin DeYoung concluded why most people would opt for Thomas Goodwin’s way of motivating his people to pray, namely, because of the fact that William Law: (1) “insist[ed] with all his might on something that cannot be proven from Scripture (i.e., that we must get up early to pray)” and (2) “[did not] connect the biblical command to pray to the other biblical realities that would make us eager to pray.”

Or, to put it positively, for husbands, fathers, pastors, leaders leading their respective flocks, it is important that we:

  1. Make sure that the commands that we are preaching are actual commands found in Scripture.
  2. Connect the biblical command to other biblical realities that would make our people eager to obey.

You can read the entire post here.


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