What It Means When God’s Will Isn’t Clear

16 Sep

In this blogpost from Desiring God, Jon Bloom comes at this issue of discerning the will of God from a very different angle. That is, from my experience, most discussions having to do with discerning God’s will is focused on the practical how-to’s of figuring out what it is.

But, in this article, Jon Bloom reveals a deeper plan of God in making us wrestle with what his will is. Here’s a quick excerpt:

God has a design in the difficulty of discerning. The motives and affections of our hearts, or “renewed minds,” are more clearly revealed in such decision making.

If God made more things explicit, we would tend to focus more on what we do rather than what we love. Like Pharisees, we would tend to whitewash our tombs with the appearance of obedience — to impress others — rather than deal with the dead bones of our self-righteous pride.

But in decisions that require discernment, the wheat is distinguished from the tares. We make such decisions based on what we really love. If deep down we love the world, this will become apparent in the pattern of decisions that we make — we will conform to this world.

But if we really love Jesus we will increasingly love what he loves — we will be transformed by renewed minds. And our love for him and his kingdom will be revealed in the pattern of small and large decisions that we make.

Click here to read the rest of the article more fully, slowly, and meditatively. This is such an important article.

Also, I came across this blogpost by Stephen Altrogge which is a great supplement to Jon Bloom’s post.


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