Meditation As a Means to Nourish Your Relationship to God

14 Sep

In this article found on the Redeemer website, Tim Keller explains why Christian meditation is important, what it is, and how to do it. Here’s a quick excerpt:

Just as the old discussion of quality time versus quantity time with your family is a red herring (there IS no quality time, except that which occurs in the midst of a large quantity of time), so with God.

The richness of my experience of God in prayer only occurs in the midst of much time set aside to be with him. That said, there are several other things I do which might be helpful to some of you who also will have increased flexibility of time in the coming months, and who want to connect with God in a deeper way.

The main way I do this is to seek an increase in the amount of my meditation.

Again, he explains what meditation is (distinguishing it from both “the anti-rational ‘spirituality’ of New Age religion [and] the over-rational ‘spirituality’ of much modern evangelical religion”), and how to practice it.

Click here to read the entire article.


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