How to Respond to Objections Toward Christianity with Grace

12 Sep

————————— EDIT ——————————-

Here’s a helpful response by Tim Keller regarding some of the concerns that people had in the video about the eternal destiny of those who don’t place their trust in Christ.

————————— EDIT ——————————-

Here’s an hour and a half video of Tim Keller being interviewed by Martin Bashir in his characteristic no-BS style in a forum presented by Veritas. He asks Keller a series of tough questions, not allowing him to “get away” with short, pithy statements.

But through it all, by God’s grace, Keller demonstrates a level of patience, grace and winsomeness that I have yet to see in people who “defend the faith.”

And to add to the interview by Martin Bashir, during the Q&A session afterwards, the moderator David Eisenbach (who is an atheist) presses Keller even further. Again, by God’s grace, Keller responds with a high level of charity. Here’s the video (and below it, a list of times and questions provided by Justin Taylor).

Q&A with Martin Barshir

0:18 – Why did you write Reason for God now?
2:22 – Are faith and reason contradictory?
5:35 – Is God just a projection of our cultural circumstances?
9:10 – Is belief in God a mental defect?
11:39 – Is it narrow to believe in one God? Is everyone else going to hell?
18:30 – Is the Bible trustworthy?
23:59 – What about the behavior of so-called Christians?
30:33 – Are you resolutely convinced today that Christianity is true?

Q&A moderated by David Eisenbach

35:25 – How could God allow evil and suffering?
44:04 – Is there any reason to believe in God in a chaotic world?
45:48 – Does giving a reason for faith undermine its value?
48:49 – Does it take faith to be an atheist?
50:48 – What does Christianity have against homosexuals? Are they going to hell?
57:29 – Why is Christianity so exclusive?
1:03:58 – What do you believe about politics?
1:11:25 – How do you get to heaven?
1:13:13 – Why would God make people who sin?
1:16:58 – Why did God put that tree in the Garden of Eden to begin with?
1:199:34 – What happened for you to have so much peace?

[HT: JT]


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