A Whole New Meaning to “Sharing the Good News of Jesus”

7 Sep

Have you ever had the pleasure of knowing someone who just seemed to exude the presence of God? I’m not talking about hyper-Charismatic speakers who walk around like they’re floating on water, shooting you with their fingers saying “Fire!” (yes, that really happened).

I’m talking about people who, through their speech, demeanor, and their very lives make you want to say after each meeting with them: “Man, God is real!”

By God’s grace and providence, I have had the great encouragement to know someone like this personally. Through multiple short-term mission trips to China with my previous church, I was introduced in 2004 to a bulldog of a woman (this is a term of endearment).

Because of the nature of her evangelistic work, I can’t divulge too much information. But suffice it say that her passion for sharing the Gospel in the most difficult of circumstances would humble anybody.

Well, imagine my surprise when I found out that she was coming to California to study at the same seminary that I was studying at! I know that she was there for other reasons, one of which was to expand her knowledge of how to continue her work for the Lord in China more effectively.

But, I am certain that one of the reasons she was there was to provide a steady source of encouragement for me through prayer, rebuke, guidance, and a sense of the reality of God (see above).

Well, last week, I had the pleasure of dropping her off at the airport as she is now embarking on the next chapter of her journey, sure to be filled with much suffering and sorrow. But before she left, I had one favor I needed to ask her: I needed her to write for me a simple Gospel tract in Mandarin so that I would be able to share the Gospel with an elderly, homeless Chinese lady that Linda and I oftentimes see walking around Gardena.

We’ve been able to give her food, talk to her in my severely broken Mandarin, and tell her “Yesu ai ni” (or, “Jesus loves you”). But, not much more than that.

And so, after we checked her in, I grabbed one of the airline’s frequent flier applications and asked her to write down a simple Gospel presentation. This is what she wrote down for me:

At the risk of sounding too dramatic, I couldn’t help but feel the enormous gravity of the moment. This really did give me a whole new understanding of sharing the good news. As my friend/mentor was writing this down, all I could think of was Romans 1:16-17 where Paul says:

For I am not ashamed of the gospel (good news), for it (the gospel, or good news) is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. 17 For in it (the gospel, or good news) the righteousness of God is revealed ifrom faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.”

What I now held in my hand was literally the life-saving good news that I needed to share with Lin nai nai (the elderly homeless woman’s name). In my hand was literally the only thing that would secure for her not only salvation from God’s wrath, but also eternal joy with Him through Jesus Christ.

So, I went home, immediately typed it up in larger, bolder Mandarin characters, so she could read it herself and started to memorize the pinyin (transliterated English) just in case she couldn’t read the characters.

I’m not sure why I’ve received this renewed sense of urgency for sharing the good news through this moment. Perhaps it’s because of what I knew my friend/mentor went through – and will continue to go through – in sharing the good news. Perhaps it’s because of the age of the Lin nai nai and how close she is to standing before the Lord. Perhaps it’s all of the above.

But, one thing I am certain of is that I’m grateful that God has given me that grace of a renewed sense of urgency to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Currently, I’m praying for Lin nai nai’s salvation (along with another chance to meet her on the roads of Gardena so I could deliver this news to her, asap).

And, as for my friend/mentor: I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again. To be honest, I don’t think I will. But even if I don’t on this side of eternity, I know that I will on the other side. And God-willing, Lin nai nai will be there, as well, and I could tell her this story all over again.


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