Four Reasons Why Insecurity Is Sin

2 Aug

Jeremy Pierre, over at The Gospel Coalition blog, offers four reasons why insecurity is a sin before God – and these reasons are much different than the reasons the world gives. Here’s a quick excerpt below:

1. Distraction with Self

Insecurity gums up our ability to do what God made us to do: love him and others. How many times have you been in a situation where you should have offered care to someone or approached God privately in prayer, but your mind is slogging through another round of how awkward you look in your pants that morning or how much smarter the person you’re talking to is?Being self-conscious is being conscious of self. We are not loving others when we are obsessing with ourselves; we are not in humility counting them as more significant and more worthy (Phil. 2:3).

2. Dissatisfaction with God

Insecurity is often nothing more than grumbling for better manna. We are sick of adequate nourishment; we want extraordinary flavor. We don’t like what God has given—money, position, appearance, personality—and we grumble for something better. Such discontentment is a snare of “many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction” (1 Tim. 6:9). Our dissatisfaction with self is often nothing more than our dissatisfaction with God. Insecurity is not sin primarily because it is an insult to our value (though it is), but because it is an insult to God’s wisdom.

3. Justification from Others

Insecurity reveals that we long for justification before people more than before God. He does not care whether your inseam is 28 inches or 34, or about whether you rent or own. We know this, of course. But we still care . . . because they still care. We care more about the attributes we think make us worthy before people than we do about what makes us worthy before the Almighty. Righteousness is what pleases the Lord. But we would rather have an enviable reputation. When our minds are pining after more Facebook attention or a better career as a boost to our worthiness, we forsake the righteousness of Christ that actually makes us worthy (Rom. 1:16-17).

4. Justification by Works

Insecurity shows that we are still in some way believing that our justification is based upon our own attributes and accomplishments. Most of us are not tempted to think ourselves worthy because we are of the tribe of Benjamin, but we may wish we at least had a bigger church, more impressive children, another degree behind our name. But finding confidence in those things is a direct rival to finding confidence in Christ.

As he mentions in the post, though we all know this, it’s good to be reminded of our sin… and the grace of Christ in the midst of them.

Read the entire post here.


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