Wise Words about Friendship From an Introvert

31 Jul

Over at Ligonier, Noel Piper, wife of John Piper, wrote this very interesting, convicting, and helpful article about friendship. Noel Piper, herself being an introvert, had some wise words about the importance of pursuing godly, accountable friendship. Here’s a short excerpt from the article:

I was sixty years old when this story began — when I was forced to have friends. I am ashamed that, until then, I could have remained so ignorant of what God intended friendship to be. At the same time, I am filled with gratitude that God didn’t leave me alone.

Good things can happen in solitude. Quietness can be a sweet place to meet God. But there’s a dark side to solitude when I crave it above all. The I comes to mean not “introvert” but literally only “I”: I don’t want you around, because I am the one who makes me happy. I can solve my own problems. I am all I need.

Right now as I lay those thoughts out so bluntly, I recoil from my arrogance. Do we really think, “I am all I need?,” as if we were God?

O Lord, protect me from myself. Please help me to be still and know that you are God.

Read the entire article here.


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