“You Are Not My God…” (Further Thoughts on “Offerings”)

23 Jul

Ever since yesterday, when I heard Tim Keller’s sermon titled, “Abel and the Salvation of Faith,” I can’t shake the idea of “offerings” out of my head.

Even as I did my devotionals today on Mark chapter 14, I came across several verses that directly and indirectly touched on this issue. For example, when literally everybody was giving false testimony about Jesus, why was it that Jesus “remained silent and made no answer” (Mark 14:61)?

I think anybody would agree that if they were being misrepresented the way that Jesus was being misrepresented, they would voice some type of objection – especially if their lives were at stake, as Jesus’ was. But “he remained silent and made no answer.”

Could it be that the reason that Jesus didn’t vocalize any objections to these clearly fabricated lies was because he was absolutely secure in the Father’s love for Him? Could it be that He was so in tune with the Father’s love and acceptance of Him that He felt no need to present any “offerings” to his torturers in order to prove that He was acceptable?

Anyway, as I was saying, ever since listening to that sermon, I can’t help shake this idea of “offerings” out of my head. Here are a few more thoughts on the subject of “offerings.”

  1. “Offerings” are whatever I present to people in order to heighten my accomplishments and hide my weaknesses so that I will be acceptable to whomever it is that I am presenting these offerings to.
  2. Therefore, whoever I present these “offerings” to are my idols/false gods whom I desperately want approval and acceptance from. These idols/false gods include (but definitely are not limited to) such things as: (1) random strangers (i.e. by the clothing I wear, how I groom myself, how much weight I try to lose, (2) fellow church members and those who serve (i.e. by showing them how knowledgeable I am theologically), and even (3) “God” (i.e. the God in our minds who we think will be pleased only if and when we do our devotionals).
  3. We must battle these idols and stop presenting “offerings” to them, by the power of the Holy Spirit. What I find helps is that whenever I find myself wanting to present an “offering” to a certain idol/false god, just hoping that they would accept me, I mutter underneath my breath, “You are not my God. I will not bow down to you any longer and present to you any more ‘offerings.’ Jesus Christ is my Perfect Offering to the One, True and Living God and because of Him and Him alone am I acceptable before Him.”

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