Jesus, the Perfect Offering

23 Jul

Time and again, God uses Tim Keller’s sermons to comfort and convict me. This one was no exception. I listened to the sermon series in which this sermon is found a few months back, but I’ve decided to listen to the whole series again from the beginning. There’s just something about listening to sermons again after a long time. The change of circumstances gives you new ears to hear what you wouldn’t have heard before.

Anyway, in this particular sermon titled, “Abel and the Salvation of Faith,” one of the thing that Keller shares is the fact that everybody – Christian or not – presents “offerings” to God and to others.

Because every single one of us have sins/weaknesses/failures/things we’re ashamed of that we want to hide, our natural inclination is to point to our “offerings” (e.g. our accomplishments, our intellect, our looks, etc.) and say, “Don’t mind those sins, don’t mind those failures… this is why you should accept me. You should accept me because of ____________ (insert your offering).”

Politicians do it; pastors do it; everybody does it. We all want to point to our offerings and say to (1) God, (2) others, and (3) ourselves, “I am acceptable because of this…”

For me, some of my offerings include(d): (1) a “successful” ministry whereby I can show God, others, myself that I was acceptable despite all my other shortcomings and (2) a perfect, indubitable faith whereby I can show God that now, I deserved to be accepted because I didn’t doubt.

But in His love and mercy, God has begun to forcefully peel my fingers back from these “offerings” I once grasped (and often still want to grasp) on to so tightly. He is beginning to show me (again) that not only will these “offerings” never work ultimately, but that there is a Better Offering.

Knowing all our weaknesses, knowing all our shame, knowing all our doubts, God sent the Perfect, Unblemished Offering, Jesus Christ. And it’s only when we plead the blood of this Offering that we are truly acceptable.

God, help me become one who not only repents of my shortcomings and failures, but also my “accomplishments” and “offerings.”


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