Paul Tripp: Growing Our Spiritual Muscles While Waiting

26 Jan

Paul Tripp, in this article on Desiring God, provides helpful insight on what we, as believers, are to do (or more precisely, what not to do) when we go through times in which God seems distant.

It’s so easy to question your belief system when you are not sure what God is doing. It’s so easy to give way to doubt when you are being called to wait. It’s so easy to forsake good habits and to take up habits of unfaith that weaken the muscles of the heart. Let me suggest some habits of unfaith that cause waiting to be a time of increasing weakness rather than of building strength. These are bad habits that all of us are tempted to give way to.

Tripp then described a few of these “bad habits”:

Giving way to doubt.

Giving way to anger.

Giving way to discouragement.

Giving way to envy.

Giving way to inactivity.

Click here to read the descriptions of each and what to do about them.


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