Tim Keller on Revival

15 Jan

Tim Keller, in this article, makes a case that evangelicalism has historically over-reacted to the hyper-revivalism a la Charles Finney. And so, therefore, Keller proposes that, though we must always be wary of the dangers of hyper-revivalism, there is, in fact, a warranted type of “means-of-revival” that, by God’s grace, is associated with revivals. He lists five of these “means-of-revival”:

1. Extraordinary prayer

2. Recovery of the Grace-Gospel

3. Renewed individuals

4. Use of the Gospel on the heart in counseling

5. Understanding that revivals occur mainly through the ordinary, “Instituted means of grace” – preaching, pastoring, worship, prayer

Click here to read the entire article with the a brief explanation of each point.

[HT: Redeemer City to City]


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