Doubts Are About Fears… Not Facts

21 Dec

In this extremely insightful blogpost, Jon Bloom makes the point that just like the Israelites of the Old Testament who constantly fell into idolatry because of political pressures from surrounding nations, Christians today constantly fall into idolatry, as well, because of cultural pressures from the non-believing world.

More specifically, Bloom says this about the condition in which the Israelites lived in the OT:

The nations surrounding Israel had fruitful harvests and won wars. They grew wealthy, had many children, and flocks of livestock. Those nations mocked Israel’s invisible God and applied political pressure. These gods appeared to provide more immediate benefit than Israel’s God.

He then compares those conditions with the current conditions in which we live.

Those that serve other “gods” may prosper financially, accomplish impressive feats, wield power, have beauty. They may mock what you believe and apply cultural pressure to you. These gods may appear to provide more immediate benefit than your God.

Thus, Bloom concludes the following:

This battle is often not waged on the field of truth, but rather on the field of cravings and fears. The desires of the flesh and the eyes (1 John 2:16) are battles of appetite not reason.

Then, with this conclusion, he takes the issue of doubt head-on by saying the following:

And what of your last battle with doubt? Was it really based on a rational, fair comparison of truth claims? Or was it triggered by the fear-laden discouragement of circumstance, cultural consensus, or someone else’s confident contrary assertion?

Yes. And amen.


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