The Christian Life is Warfare After All

3 Dec

Quote from the chapter entitled “The Good Fight of Faith” in the book, God Transcendent by J. Gresham Machen.

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It is impossible to be a true soldier of Jesus Christ and not fight. God grant that you… may be fighters, too! Probably you have your battles even now: you have to contend against sins gross or sins refined; you have to contend against the sin of slothfulness and inertia; you have, many of you, I know very well, a mighty battle on your hands against doubt and despair. Do not think it strange if you fall thus into diverse temptations. The Christian Life is a warfare after all... Yes, the Christian faces a mighty conflict in this world. Pray soldiers of Jesus Christ, not willing to compromise with your great enemy, not easily cast down, and seeking ever the renewing of your strength in the Word and sacraments and prayer! (p. 131)


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