A Much Necessary Reminder

4 Nov

Jonathan Dodson:

The Gospel Isn’t Religious Performance

The Gospel isn’t about religious performance to prove yourself to God, others, or yourself.

  • We don’t have to impress [God] because Jesus impressed him for us.
  • We don’t’ have to seek approval from [Others] because are approved by faith in Christ.
  • We don’t have to perfect [Ourselves] because we are imperfect people clinging to a perfect Christ.

The Gospel Isn’t Spiritual License

The Gospel also isn’t spiritual license to flaunt your “freedom” in Christ.

  • The Gospel calls us to respond to Jesus in every situation—social, cultural, personal. We are his people not our own. We drive under his license.
  • The Gospel isn’t an obstacle to our happiness but the path to true happiness. Christ offers deeper joy than anything else can offer.
  • The Gospel calls us to holiness not legalism, to flaunt Christ not false freedom. Jesus calls us to be distinct not relevant as we orbit around him, not rules or liberties.

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