Faith and Repentance are the Keys

29 Sep

Quote from Tim S. Lane and Paul David Tripp’s book, How People Change.

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How do you avoid leading a Cross-less life?  The answer is found in moment-by-moment faith and repentance.  Faith keeps us laying hold of the grace and mercy of Christ and thereby avoid despair.  Repentance keeps us facing our ongoing struggle with sin and thereby avoid pride.  This is what every Christian needs.  And yet so many believers only think of faith and repentance as the way to enter the Christian life.  They fail to realize that faith and repentance link us to Christ on a daily basis.  Faith is another way of saying, “seeing Christ’s glory and grace and turning to him.”  Repentance is another way of saying, “admitting and turning from sin.”  They are two sides of the same coin, and both are essential for the Christian life.” (p. 161)


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