That's NOT In the Bible

29 Mar

Much of what is “believed” by Christians today to be Christian – in fact, has no part in Christianity, much less the Bible.  Here’s an excerpt from post by Michael Kelley listing a few of these “beliefs” believed to be Christian (when in actuality, they are the furthest thing from it):

Wrong: God helps those who help themselves.

Right: God helps those who know they cannot help themselves.

Wrong: This too shall pass.

Right: This might not pass. But God is faithful to uphold the weak.

Wrong: Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Right: Don’t worry so much about outward cleanliness; we’ve got bigger problems, namely the dirt of the heart.

Wrong: Jesus Christ is my personal savior.

Right: Jesus Christ has saved me, but He does not belong to me. I belong to Him. And though I am individually rescued, I’m not the only individual that has been rescued. I have been saved into a family – a community of believers.

[HT: Michael Kelly]


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