The Bible is NOT Self-Help

3 Mar

David Wells, on theResurgence, posted this very helpful note on how we are to read the Bible.  Here’s a quick excerpt:

OK. You want to know how to read the Bible? Here’s the deal:

There are two parts to it. The second part is the actual study of the biblical passage, but before you even think about doing this you must take the first step. And what is that? It is getting yourself ready to do the study. May sound crazy to you, but if you don’t get in the right frame of mind, you’ll spin your wheels on the passage.

So, what is the right frame of mind? It is telling yourself that you are there to hear from God, not to listen to yourself. You are there to be addressed, taught, challenged and, yes, even rebuked by God through the truth of his Word.

Click here to read the rest.


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