J.D. Greear: "How Can I Know I'm Saved?"

8 Feb

Recently came across this post on Vitamin Z.  It’s an article by J.D. Greear, the pastor of Summit Church in Durham, North Carolina in which he answers the question: “How Can I Know I’m Saved?” Here’s a quick excerpt from it:

Over the years I have found that an astonishing number of Christians do not possess an assurance of their salvation. They are hopeful, and fairly sure, but still—in times of struggle and doubt, they cannot find that absolute certainty that they belong to God and are safe with Him. This doubt cripples your ability to grow in your love for God, the security that produces radical obedience, and the gratefulness that produces radical generosity.

Many believers are troubled because they can’t “remember” the moment when they first made the decision to trust Jesus. That doesn’t really matter at all. All that matters is that you’re trusting Him as Lord and Savior right now. Think of it like this: I walk into a classroom and sit down in a chair. About halfway through the class you ask me if I ever made a decision to sit in the chair. I say “yes,” and you ask me how I know that I made that decision. I don’t walk you through the decision making process that led me to sit in the chair, reviving the logic and emotions that caused me to take seat. I simply show you that I am currently seated.

Read the rest of the article here.  You’ll want to read the conclusion.


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