Few More Resources for Growth

26 Jan

This post will include two resources hat I pray will be beneficial to anybody who comes across it.

(1) Blog: What’s Best Next (http://www.whatsbestnext.com/)

One of the ways that I continue to feed myself and grow in areas in which I recognize I need growth is by visiting a few, important blogs everyday (e.g. theResurgence, Between Two Worlds, and DG, to name a few).

Well, I’ve found one more.  It’s a blog by Matt Perman, who is the Director of Strategy at Desiring God Ministries.  In his blog, he frequently posts amazing insights on management and organization.  And as someone who is organization and management illiterate, this website has proven invaluable for me.  The following are just a few samples of the insight he offers:

(2)  Video: How Sound Affects Us

In this video (also discovered at What’s Best Next), Julian Treasure, explains how sound affects us in four ways: (1) physiologically, (2) psychologically, (3) cognitively, and (4) behaviorally.

One interesting factoid he offers is that if you work in open plan offices, your productivity decreases by 66%!  I’m going to guess that this would extend past offices and include any area that is full of chatter and background noises. Perhaps this will shed some light into why some of us students are so incredibly unproductive when we try to study at Starbucks. (However, he does provide a solution – watch the video to find out).

Hope this helps us.


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