Hearing the Voice of God in the Word of God

4 Jan

Hey guys, one last post for today.  In a previous post (and at the retreat), I laid out the process that I go through in doing my QTs.  First, I pray the I.O.U.S. and then move on to reading a section of the Bible by asking the Four Questions (again, this entire process is laid out in more detail here).

Then, not too long ago, I discovered a Bible-reading plan that John Piper has been using for many years in order to read the Bible once a year.  It’s pretty cool because not only is it divided up into four parts (allowing us to get a glimpse of the entire Bible), but it also allows five days at the end of each month to either: (1) catch up on days missed or (2) spend that time studying deeper something that you read earlier in the month.

Now, the question I’ve gotten from a few people is this:  Am I supposed to do the Four Questions for each section everyday? And the answer is no, you don’t.  What I do is this:

  1. I pray the I.O.U.S.
  2. Then, I read through the Bible-reading plan, briefly making notes in my notebook on verses or phrases that particularly catch my attention (from all four sections).
  3. And then, after I do that, I choose one particular section (out of the four) that I want to focus in on and explore more deeply.  I do the Four Questions on this one particular section.

Hope this helps.


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