Putting Our Feelings In Their Proper Place Pt. 3

6 Dec

In Part 1 of this series, I made the claim that we absolutely must recover a healthy understanding of the place of feelings and experience in our relationship with God.  And to help us navigate through this issue, I began to use excerpts from C.J. Mahaney’s book Living the Cross-Centered Life.

And so, in Part 2, we looked at the section of the chapter in which Mahaney began to call into question our tendency to depend on our feelings.

In this particular section of the chapter, however, he presses us even further and now explains how depending on our feelings and experience in our relationship with God is, in fact, the “height of arrogance.”  Here’s the excerpt:

Seldom Amazed

Even when it comes to our spiritual life, at any given moment we direct and locate our faith in our emotional state rather than in clearly objective truth.  We tend to ask God for more “experience,” then assure Him that if He’ll give it, we’ll acknowledge and believe His truth.

It happens frequently, for example, in our corporate worship.  As people around us sing words expressing profound gratitude to Jesus for His death on our behalf, we may disqualify ourselves from truly entering into this adoration of our Savior because our “passion” is absent this morning.

And this is how serious it gets: In our arrogance, we invest our feelings (or lack thereof) with final authority rather than recognize that our emotions tend to be unstable, unreliable, often governed by pride, and riddled with lies – lies that “feel” like the truth.

I’ve watched people yield to such lies repeatedly.  It’s a frightening experience to sit with individuals who actually insist that what they feel is ultimately more authoritative to them than what’s written clearly in Scripture.  They even somehow assume God is sympathetic to this attitude.  But He is not.  He would, in fact, identify it as the height of arrogance – which is something He’s unalterably opposed to: “God opposed the proud,” His Word declares.

That’s the bad news.  But in the same verse there’s also good news:  “God… gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6)

Now that we’ve received the correction, tomorrow, we’ll begin to learn what C.J. Mahaney says we need to do instead.  For those in Ekklesia521, please take the time to review the previous three posts and ask the Holy Spirit to open up your eyes to see the wisdom behind what C.J. Mahaney has said thus far.


3 Responses to “Putting Our Feelings In Their Proper Place Pt. 3”

  1. Jinsol Hyun December 6, 2009 at 8:11 PM #

    Thanks John (:
    this is much needed&appreciated.

  2. John Park December 6, 2009 at 8:59 PM #

    I’m glad. I hope this helps a lot of you guys, as it has helped me tons.


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