Kevin DeYoung on How The Doctrine of Providence Can Help You Die Well, Serve Courageously, and Care for Your Wife

11 Nov

Today, Kevin DeYoung posted an excerpt from a letter that Guideo de Bres (author of the Belgic Confession of 1561) wrote to his wife while he was awaiting his execution in prison for his Protestant faith.  As the title of DeYoung’s entry indicates, it’s a moving letter highlighting the Doctrine of Providence and how it helps us to “die well, serve courageously, and care for [our wives].”  Below is the excerpt from the letter:

My dear and well-beloved wife in our Lord Jesus, Your grief and anguish are the cause of my writing you this letter.  I most earnestly pray you not to be grieved beyond measure…We knew when we married that we might not have many years together, and the Lord has graciously given us seven.  If the Lord had wished us to live together longer, he could easily have cause it to be so.  But such was not his pleasure.  Let his good will be done….Moreover, consider that I have not fallen into the hands of my enemies by chance, but by the providence of God….All these considerations have made my heart glad and peaceful, and I pray you, my dear and faithful companion, to be glad with me, and to thank the good God for what he is doing, for he does nothing but what is altogether good and right…I pray you then to be comforted in the Lord, to commit yourself and your affairs to him, he is the husband of the widow and the father of the fatherless, and he will never leave you nor forsake you.

I would also like to highlight a comment that someone left on his post that was a perfect compliment to this post.  Zac Hicks wrote, “It’s ironic that the doctrine of providence is so discomforting to so many, when, in instances like this, it really does show itself to be “our only comfort in life and death.”

To that, I say amen.

Here’s the blogpost in its entirety.


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