Sexual Detox Series

5 Nov

Last week, I posted a blog post by Tim Challies on what he calls “Sexual Detox.”  The premise of the series is simple: an old[er], godly man wanting to have a “forthright… yet discreet” conversation with young[er] men on the topic of sex.  Personally, for myself, having grown up in a context where such conversations were less than encouraged, this series was especially helpful to me.  I would highly recommend this to all my brothers who grew up in similar situations.

And for your convenience, I’ve taken the liberty of compiling all of the posts here in one place.  Just click on the links below to read the full articles.

  1. Sexual Detox I: Pornifying the Marriage Bed
  2. Sexual Detox II: Breaking Free
  3. Sexual Detox III: A Theology of Sex
  4. Sexual Detox IV: Detoxification
  5. Sexual Detox V: Freedom

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