Piper on the Prosperity "gospel"

3 Nov

Below I’ve posted a link by Desiring God, where Pastor John Piper talks about the bankruptcy of the Prosperity “gospel” (a.k.a. Health and Wealth “gospel”; a.k.a. Name It and Claim It “gospel”; a.k.a. whatever other names they can come up with) that is so prevalent in America.

Here’s another one that somebody else made editing his sermon with some cool visuals.

One resource that I might recommend for further study on the subject is Gordon Fee’s thin booklet, The Disease of the Health and Wealth Gospels.  Here’s a quick excerpt from it:

American Christianity is rapidly being infected by an insidious disease, the so-called wealth and health Gospel – although it has very little of the character of Gospel in it […]

I recognize that not all adherents of this currently fashionable gospel say or do it so boldly, and that the two (wealth and health) can be avowed separately; but the biblical and theological distortions that lie behind both are similar.  Indeed, the theology of this new “gospel” seems far more to fit the American dream than it does the teaching of Him who had “nowhere to lay His head” (p. 7).


One Response to “Piper on the Prosperity "gospel"”

  1. Linda Kim November 10, 2009 at 10:55 PM #

    oh man… Piper.

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