ESV Study Bible Giveaway at Sovereign Grace Ministries!

30 Oct

Sovereign Grace Ministries is having a drawing in which you can enter to win a free ESV Study Bible!  Below are some of the stipulations of being entered into the drawing:

Since the Study Bible was created to serve the church, this giveaway is built around highlighting God’s grace in your particular local church. We want to hear from you about what God is doing. To enter the drawing, just write a note describing what you most appreciate about your pastor or your local church.

Email this note to us and—voilà—you are entered in the drawing.

• The deadline for submission is 11pm on Wednesday night, November 4.
• Entries must be at least three sentences but no longer than a page.
• Include your first name, last initial, hometown, and the name of your church.
• Please submit one entry per person.
• Email those entries to blog AT sovgracemin DOT org with the subject line: ESVSB entry.

• We’ll only ship the Bibles to addresses in the United States or Canada.
• If we like your entry a lot, we might post it (or part of it) online.
• Winners will be selected at random and announced on the blog on Friday (Nov. 6).
• We’ll appreciate it if you reference a Bible verse to frame your entry, but it’s not necessary and won’t affect your odds of winning.

Also, they have a list of several different designs to choose from, as well, if you win.  But even if you don’t win… or even if you don’t enter this drawing, I would most definitely recommend this Bible.

Here’s a link to the blog post on Sovereign Grace Ministries’ website.


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