Free Sermons by Tim Keller Available Online

21 Oct

At the risk of people thinking that I have some crazy man-crush on Tim Keller, I felt that that I had to post one more up.  On theResurgence, they put a post that said that Tim Keller had 150 free sermons and lectures up online, categorized, labeled and available for download.

And sure enough, when I clicked the link to Redeemer’s sermon store, there it was, 150 free sermons and lectures neatly and conveniently categorized in the following subheadings: (1) Discovery, (2) Growth, and (3) Mission.

If you don’t know who Tim Keller is, repent, and read up on him in a few other articles that theResurgence wrote about him:

More Tim Keller content on the Resurgence:


One Response to “Free Sermons by Tim Keller Available Online”

  1. Sam October 21, 2009 at 4:04 PM #

    Tim Keller’s my idol. Where’s the irony in that phrase?

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