Welcome to Ekklesia521!

15 Oct

Welcome to the official website of the high school ministry of Grace Fellowship Church.  Once again, much gratitude and love goes out to Mike An.  He literally built this website from scratch.  God has truly gifted him in amazing ways for the glory of God.

Concerning the website – we didn’t want to simply make a website for the sake of making a website.  Our goal in making this website is help primarily those who are part of Ekklesia521 to grow in their relationship with and their affection for Jesus Christ.  However, if anybody else will be blessed through it, then praise God.

This website will provide the following for Ekklesia521:

  • A central location to come and get information on upcoming events.
  • A frequently updated blog by yours truly.  This blog will be a quick way for me to post some thoughts and relay some good information that I come across.
  • A “Resources” page which will include helpful articles that the Ekklesia521 ministry team will write to help clarify some topics, recommended websites, recommended links, recommended books, and helpful video clips.  This, too, will be frequently updated.
  • A “Volunteer” page for those adults (21+) who may be interested in serving.

That’s pretty much it.  Please check back frequently as this website will be frequently updated.  Please make sure to thank Mike when you see him, too.  He worked very hard on this website.


One Response to “Welcome to Ekklesia521!”

  1. annie October 15, 2009 at 7:48 PM #

    WOOOOOOOOOW! Mike & ekklesia 521, this website is AMAZING…i looked at every single page, read every paragraph, and the photos are nice, nice, nice!

    i’m sharing a resource! 🙂

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