What Stirs/Robs Your Affections For Christ?

8 Oct

A while back, I came across Matt Chandler’s blog post in which he listed a bunch of things that both stirred up his affections for Christ and those that robbed his affections for Him.  Here’s a short excerpt from it:

Several years ago I started applying this line of thought to my relationship with Christ. Instead of asking myself what inspired me to be a good man (what’s that anyway?) I started asking what stirs my affections for Christ. What, when I’m doing it, when I’m around it or dwelling on it creates in me a greater hunger for, passion for and worship of Christ and His mission?

Ever since then, I’ve been compiling my list.  My list goes something like this (though I’m sure this list will change sometime in the future):

  • C.J. Mahaney’s book, Living the Cross-Centered Life
  • John Piper sermons
  • Reading the Bible in a really cold environment (don’t ask) with a hot cup of black coffee
  • Driving in silence
  • Praying/Reading the Bible with Linda
  • Hymns (a few of my favorites include: Come Thou Fount, It is Well, Before the Throne of God Above, On Christ Alone, The Solid Rock)

I’ll post a list of those things that rob my affections another time.  What about you?  What stirs/robs your affections for Him?


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