Religion vs. Gospel

8 Oct

Not too long ago, I accidentally stumbled onto one of Tim Keller’s articles on the Gospel.  Believe it or not, I had never heard the Gospel communicated like that before (if ever).  All my life, I always thought that the Gospel was only for the “bad” people.  Oh, how wrong I was.  Here’s an excerpt of Tim Keller’s teaching, adapted by Michael Bleecker on his blog.

RELIGION: I obey-therefore I’m accepted.
THE GOSPEL: I’m accepted-therefore I obey.

RELIGION: Motivation is based on fear and insecurity.
THE GOSPEL: Motivation is based on grateful joy.

RELIGION: I obey God in order to get things from God.
THE GOSPEL: I obey God to get to God-to delight and resemble Him.

Here’s a direct link to Tim Keller’s original pdf here.  Also, here is Mark Driscoll laying out his version of Jesus vs. religion as well.  Both of these resources were absolutely instrumental in helping me see, embrace and love the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And it is my prayer that it will for others, as well.


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